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Jilin province huaxin city rail matching co. LTD

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Founded in 2010, huaxin city rail matching co., LTD. Is registered capital of RMB 90070 RMB. The company has high-precision stainless steel car top under the upper beam forming machine, stainless steel chassis inside and outside the beam forming machine, stainless steel slitting machine, gantry spot welding machine, numerical control machining center and other high-precision equipment. For the north car, the south car group supporting production and processing of the rail car, the city rail vehicle and the high-speed train more than 1000 kinds of assembly parts. Among them, the "ten wave swallow-tail groove corrugated floor" developed by our company filled the gap of international domestic project.
Hot stamping is a new technology which has been developed in recent years, and is one of the key technologies to realize the light weight production of automobile. In 2012, the group company took huaxin rail as the main body to expand the new area of auto parts industry. The company introduced the German schuler molding press, Germany schwarz electric heating furnace, the Italian prima laser cutting machine and the hot stamping forming and other world advanced equipment. This equipment is made of hot stamping forming technology of stamping forming at high temperature almost no rebound, with forming such outstanding advantages as high precision, good formability, is widely used in car anticollision beam, front and rear bumpers and other security A column and A column, column B, C, such as channel in the production of car body structure.
At present, the company has produced more than 20 kinds of thermoforming parts for faw Volkswagen, faw car, BMW, ford and general motors.
The company is committed to internationalization and specialization and contributes to the development of China's automobile industry.
In 2010, huaxin in changchun city "double heart, more than three wing, group" heart by the open north purchase of more than 20 thousands square meters of land, with a total investment of 590 million yuan, the construction of "huaxin city rail supporting industrial park", inject new vitality for the revitalization of the northeast economy.