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Leadership speech




Leadership speech

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It has been ten years since the founding of huaxin group, which has been a decade of entrepreneurship, ten years of wind and rain, and ten years of harvest.
During the ten years' journey, from the initial start-up to the realization of collectivization operation, it has been full of the hard work of every employee in China. It is inseparable from the support of governments and partners at all levels. We also sincerely thank all sectors of society for their strong support and selfless care. Thank you for your hard work in all your posts.
In the past ten years, huaxin has always adhered to the concept of "customer-oriented and quality-oriented", and made unremitting efforts to build China's most powerful equipment manufacturing industry. The sea is boundless, the boat RACES. Self-confidence enables us to compete and develop together, opportunities and challenges coexist, and strive to make us learn to be pragmatic and persistent. With these two points, companies have taken root. It enables everyone in the enterprise to shine the light of human nature and wisdom in life and work, so that our partners will greet the future with the same confidence and confidence. This is our wealth and our value, and it is our motivation and belief to provide each quality service for our customers. Good ideas from the excellent culture, huaxin heart, is the life, as the prosperous following the talent for high lead is huaxin always pursues the principle and goal, it is also a huaxin the essence of enterprise culture, is the spirit of huaxin value system, but also guides huaxin through ten years and continue to the spiritual source of innovation in the future. Huaxin is trying to create a level playing field and an enterprise platform that will enable both virtue and virtue to realize the value of life. At the same time, we should actively take on greater social responsibility and create greater economic benefits for the society and deliver more excellent talents through the promotion of our own business performance.
In the future, huaxin will continue to adapt to the trend, "mass innovation, mass entrepreneurship", and seize the opportunity of "One Belt And One Road" to transform ideas.
To nurture people with excellent culture, to shape people with mature management, and to motivate people with advantages; We will work together with all of our colleagues to promote greater development of huaxin, and start a new chapter in the development of huaxin.